My name is Hermann Peters, and I am a swimmer with Autism

I have Autism. I live in sunny South Florida in the United States of America. I started swimming at the age of 10 years old. Back then I could hardly swim.  Today, I swim every weekday for 2 hours per day. I am getting stronger and faster. I love swimming. It's truly a great sport. Follow me on my journey to become a champion swimmer.

"I can do anything because empowerment starts from within me."

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What's New

Special Olympics Swimming

I am registered as an athlete with Special Olympics Florida. I practice swimming with Special Olympics on the weekends. I have a great coach. She teaches me and other kids how to swim better. Special Olympics has many different sports to choose from. I wish I could do other sports too. But between school and swimming I don't have much time. But if you are interested in other sports and have disablities check the Special Olympics Florida website at http://specialolympicsflorida.org/ They have great programs and coaches. Special Olympics is awesome!

MAC Team Swimming

During the weekdays, I swim with my team called MAC (which is short for Metro Aquatic Club of Miami). I swim in the pool for two hours a day. In addition, on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays I do dryland exercises. My coach, Brandon, makes my team and I run, do sit-ups and sometimes play kickball. I really like my team. And I think my coach is cool. The head coach is Kirk. He looks like he's tough. But he really is a nice guy. I also compete in swim meets. I am getting better all the time. One day if I work hard enough, maybe I will be as fast as Michael Phelps. He is my hero as a swimmer.

What Swimming Has Done

Swimming has done a lot for me. I use to be a chubby kid (not anymore!). I have met and swam with Olympian swimmers (Chole Sutton being one). I have been on a national tv show, The Voice. Ok, maybe for only 5 seconds but it counts. I have been to all parts of Florida and even North Carolina to compete for swimming. My older sister is a swimmer too. Right now she is faster than me. But I am working on that. My family is a dedicated swim family. To me it's the best sport because all I have to do is improve myself (as in time). Swimming is great.



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